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    technical debt management

    What we do

    Do you have technical debt?

    If you own a software asset, the odds are almost certain that you have much more than you realize.

    But how do you measure it, and how do you determine its cost. And more importantly, what can you do to reduce your business's operating expenses, and recover those unknown expenses called "opportunity costs".

    Technical debt can be a mysterious metric, but its true costs are astronomical. Fortunately, you've come to the right place. Carapacian is your partner in reducing technical debt. It's our expertise and passion to help you eliminate this silent destroyer of profit and missed opportunities.


    Asset Protection

    Carapacian provides ownership-as-as-service (OaaS) as a strategy to protect software from technical debt. In this scheme, Carapacian takes ownership of your software asset and licenses it back to you. In the licensing agreement, rules are set out that require Carapacian to enforce standards on the software's codebase that militate against the accumulation of technical debt. By having Carapacian enforce these predefined standards, you can be certain that your software asset will be protected from the ravages of accumulated technical debt.

    Using the OaaS model, you can also protect your software assets from a number of forces acting against the interests of your organization. By not owning your software asset, you can reducing its litigation burden on your enterprise.

    Carapacian Core

    Our flagship product, Carapacian Core, is a web framework designed to help software developers rapidly create complex, performant software applications. It specializes in the management of business data (the kind of data used by most web sites and mobile apps) and comes with a universal data model allowing developers to easily create software that stores and manages complex business data. Carapacian Core can be extended by enterprises to meet the needs of their niche markets.

    Carapacian Core has a number of features to help with your development efforts:

    • Server-side DOM
    • Object-relational mapper
    • A universal data/entity model
    • Entity-based logging
    • Entity-centric authorization
    • Entity-centric validation
    • Robotic process automation
    • Robust user authentication
    • Smart database migrations

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